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Using Guava Leaves for Hair Growth. | Hair Blow Outs in Hicksville 11801

Winter mornings are beautiful; the dewy grass, foggy sky and piping hot tea or coffee. But as much as we love the season, most of us dread it for the beauty woes it brings along with it, particularly hair fall. It’s hard to put in words my struggle with hair fall over the years. From undergoing various salon treatments to using expensive hair products claiming to bring respite, I have tried it all. Yet none of them have brought me any luck. And just when I was giving up, I discovered a miraculous natural ingredient that seemed promising to bring back my crowning glory.(Hair Blow Outs in Hicksville 11801) Guava […]

Thicken Your Hair With Simple Ingredients. | Skin Care in Hicksville 11801

One of the most amusing things about our body is our hair. We can experiment with it however we want to.]Mark the end of a phase, be it a bad phase or a good one, by changing my look, in which my hair plays a huge part, obviously. So, how can we be alright with our hair not being the way we want it to be which is smooth, silky, and thick? We don’t want our prized hair to be scraggly and dull, but then, with all the playing and experimenting, these things are bound to happen. What causes hair thinning? 1. Excessive physical or mental stress: Physical stress due […]

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