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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels Clinic in Hicksville, NY

A chemical peel is one of the safest, most effective, tried, and tested ways of achieving great-looking skin! Here at Beautyville Laser & Aesthetics, our medical professionals and estheticians provide superb chemical peels to help your skin look young, fresh, and beautiful! For More information, call us or book an appointment online. We serve clients from Hicksville, NY and all over Long Island.

Chemical Peels Treatment Specialist Near Me in Hicksville, NY
Chemical Peels Treatment Specialist Near Me in Hicksville, NY

Table of Contents:

What is a chemical peel, and how does it work?
How do chemical peels help my skin?
What should I expect from a chemical peel?

What is a chemical peel, and how does it work?

Chemical peels are cosmetic procedures that intend to improve and smooth out your skin’s texture through a “controlled injury” to your skin’s surface. It works through a safe chemical solution that is applied to and removes your skin’s superficial layer in the treatment area. The specific ingredient in the chemical solution will vary according to the clinic offering treatment, the treatment area, and the desired results. It could include one or more of such ingredients as carbolic acid, glycolic acid, kojic lactic acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, or trichloroacetic acid. The acid involved in chemical peels serves to break down and exfoliate the outermost layer of your skin and initiate a healing process that brings fresh and young-looking skin to the fore of the treatment area. During the healing process, an influx of collagen flows to the treatment site to help form new connective tissues that create smooth and supple skin tone and texture!

How do chemical peels help my skin?

Whether you seek a superficial, mid-level, or deep chemical peel, chemical peels have a wide range of benefits that they can provide for your skin! Chemical peels have proven to provide lasting and effective treatment for the following skin problems or conditions:

– Acne and acne scars
– Age spots
– Discolored skin
– Dry skin
– Fine lines and wrinkles
– Hyperpigmentation
– Melasma, or dark patches from pregnancy or birth control medication
– Scars
– Skin buildup and congestion
– Sun damage

Furthermore, chemical peels provide increased collagen production and improve your skin’s clarity, color, texture, and tone!

What should I expect from a chemical peel?

Before we dive into treatment, we will have an initial consultation between you and the specialist to discuss your medical history, the medications you are taking, and your goals for treatment. This consultation will serve to rule out any potential complications and help the specialist get a firm grasp of how to proceed with treatment in your case.

Once we are absolutely sure that we can safely administer a chemical peel, the specialist will begin by cleaning away any makeup, sunscreen, or oil on your face, all of which act as barriers to the chemical solution and keep it from doing its magic. The specialist will then apply an ointment to the surrounding area to keep the solution from going where it isn’t supposed to. Finally, the specialist can get to the good stuff! They will use a cotton-tipped applicator to spread the solution around the treatment area to apply the solution. Depending on the solution and treatment area size, your specialist may apply it in 15-minute intervals to allow your skin time to absorb the solution safely. In total, this process can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, according to how extensive the treatment area is! For a superficial peel, your specialist will give you some post-care instructions and then send you back out into the world without any significant downtime.

As your skin heals, you will begin to notice the results of a chemical peel. For superficial peels, the healing process could take a few days or up to a week. Once your skin heals, results from a superficial chemical peel should take two to three months. Refresh your skin with a chemical peel at Beautyville Laser & Aesthetics! We invite you to schedule an appointment with us through our website or call us. We are located in Hicksville, NY and serve clients from Levittown NY, East Meadow NY, Plainview NY, Westbury NY, Farmingdale NY and all over Long Island. We look forward to meeting you!