OxyGeneoTM Facial Specialist

4 Questions to Ask OxyGeneoTM Facial Specialist in Hicksville, NY

Our OxyGeneo specialists at Beautyville Laser & Aesthetics provide a satisfactory facial to enhance your natural beauty. For More information, call us or book an appointment online. We serve clients from Hicksville, NY and all over Long Island.

OxyGeneo Facial Specialist Near Me in Hicksville, NY
OxyGeneo Facial Specialist Near Me in Hicksville, NY

What is an OxyGeneo™ facial?

OxyGeneo™ is a new concept in facial aesthetics that uses natural oxygen molecules from within the body to leave the skin oxygenated and revitalized. The increase in oxygen on the skin’s surface helps to create younger and healthier-looking skin and certain natural ingredients are used to treat a variety of skin issues. A typical session lasts between 30 minutes to an hour and the results are visible immediately. OxyGeneo™ facials exfoliate the skin in a similar way to microdermabrasion (by removing dead surface skin cells) but OxyGeneo™ goes further by oxygenating and infusing essential nutrients into the skin. An OxyGeneo ™ facial has three stages:

  • Exfoliation – OxyGeneo™ uses a special pad called the OxyPod that contains natural ingredients like charcoal, red algae, & vitamin C specifically made to target certain problem areas. A specially formulated primer gel is applied to the skin which reacts with the ingredients in the OxyPod resulting in a gentle, non-invasive exfoliation and triggering the oxygenation process within the skin.
  • Oxygenation – the OxyGeneo™ oxygenation process stimulates the body to naturally increase oxygen levels within the skin. This oxygen is then carried to the surface of the skin, preparing it to absorb the nutrients that will be administered in the infusion stage of treatment.
  • Infusion – a select blend of nutrients, vitamins and active ingredients are infused into the newly-oxygenated skin leaving it nourished and refreshed.

What are the benefits of an OxyGeneo™ facial?

OxyGeneo™ facials are safe for use on all skin types and offer a safe and comfortable solution to any sensitive skin issue. Described as a massage for the face, OxyGeneo™ treatments are gentle, soothing, and relaxing. In addition, they:

  • Plump, hydrate, and brighten the skin
  • Minimize the appearance of pores
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation (dark-colored skin patches)
  • Require no downtime
  • Can be customized to fit individual skincare needs using the OxyPod.
  • Add a glow to the skin
  • Reduce fine lines – oxygen helps to improve blood circulation to the face, which can, in turn, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Are beneficial for all anti-aging and corrective skin procedures.

How does OxyGeneo™ work on my skin?

OxyGeneo ™® uses the principle of the Bohr Effect discovered by Christian Bohr in 1904 which states that when CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration increases, the hemoglobin in the blood releases oxygen from inside. The OxyGeneo™ interaction between the OxyPod and the primer gel creates extra CO2 on the skin, causing the Bohr Effect.

The dead surface skin cells are removed using a cleansing capsule called Capsugen, which smooths and renews the skin prior to the oxygenation and nutrient gel infusion. When OxyGeneo™ is applied to the skin it creates CO2 bubbles that lightly burst on the surface of the skin, triggering the Bohr Effect. This sends oxygen-rich blood to the targeted areas, increases blood circulation, and optimizes the skin’s ability to absorb the active nutrients in the gels. There are different gels used to target different issues – one is used for anti-aging and rejuvenation, there’s one that brightens the skin and improves tone and texture and one that helps to clear acne and regulate the skin’s oil production.

What should I expect after an OxyGeneo™ facial treatment?

An OxyGeneo™ treatment leaves your face feeling instantly refreshed and renewed. Results from the first treatment will last about a week, but regular treatments can see them lasting weeks and even up to three months.

If you would like to know more about how an OxyGeneo™ treatment can benefit you, contact Beautyville Laser & Aesthetics today! We are located in Hicksville, NY, and serve clients from Levittown NY, East Meadow NY, Plainview NY, Westbury NY, Farmingdale NY, and all over Long Island. We look forward to meeting you!